Why can’t I close my position?

You are only allowed to close a position (trade) during trading hours. In weekends and holidays the market will be closed. Also, sometimes you might find it difficult to close your trades in an extremely volatile or illiquid market environment.

What are the risks involved in trading CFDs?

CFD trading carries a high level of risk, which may lead to unfavorable financial outcomes for you, especially if you don’t fully understand financial products and how they work. It is your responsibility to get familiar with our products and the risks involved before you start trading with us. We recommend not using our services unless you fully understand the financial products, the benefits and the risks associated with them.

What is a “Trailing Stop Order”?

A Trailing Stop Order is designed to protect your profits by keeping your position open as long as the market is moving in your favor. In the event when the market reverses on your position, the trade will close at a pre-determined price and you will lock in your gains.

What is a Pip?

A Pip or (Price interest point) is the measurement of the smallest unit to change in a financial instrument’s price. For example: If GBP/USD moves from 1.2050 to 1.2051, that 0.0001 USD rise is 1 pip.

What is the minimum amount required to start trading?

FinPros offers 4 different trading accounts for different trading styles and levels. Edge, Raw+, Vantage and Beginners. The Beginners account type has the lowest amount required to start trading, which is $100. For an easy comparison between the accounts, please click on the following link FinPros Accounts.

What is a Margin Call?

If your equity falls below the maintenance margin amount, FinPros will make a Margin Call and close your open positions. It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor their open position(s) at all times and ensure that they have sufficient funds in their account, to avoid any Margin Call.

What is a Stop Limit Order?

A Stop Limit Order allows you to protect your profit by setting a specific price at which your position will close.

What is a Stop Loss Order?

A Stop Loss Order helps you to manage risk by minimizing your loss, in case the market moves against you. You can set a Stop Loss Order by double-clicking on any open position → switch the order type to “Modify Position” → set the price that you wish to stop out at → and click on.

Once the market reaches your price, the Stop Order will be triggered and your position will be automatically closed.

What is an Order?

Whenever you want to open a position at a specific price, you set an Order. To open an order on the MT5, double-click on the instrument of your choice → Switch the order type from “Instant Execution” to “Pending Order”. Set the price, the size, etc. of your choice and whenever you are ready click on “Place”.

The order will automatically open a position once the market reaches the requested price.

What does “Leverage” mean?

Leverage is a tool that multiplies your exposure to a financial instrument, without having the full amount of necessary capital. For example, you can buy 1 lot (€100,000 worth) of EUR/USD by just having $1,000 as a capital. Therefore, when using leverage, any small change in the price of the CFD is amplified into a bigger fluctuation in increased returns/losses.

What can cause me to liquidate my position?

Trades can be closed by either a margin call, manual closure, or automatic execution of a predefined Stop Order.

What are the benefits of trading CFDs?

The most important benefit of CFD trading is access to a huge range of markets with leverage. Leverage allows customers to trade the instrument of their choice without the need for large amounts of capital in their account.

What is a CFD?

A CFD or Contract for Difference is a product that allows you to trade in the financial markets without having to own the underlying trading instrument.

When you trade a CFD, you are entering into a trade at a particular price and you are agreeing to exchange the difference in the entry price and the price of the CFD when the position is closed. The difference is settled in cash (whether it’s a profit or a loss).

What are the Market hours/Trading hours?

The forex market is open 24/5 from Monday to Friday in different parts of the world, due to different international time zones.
The stock market, however, is only available to trade when the stock exchange in a particular country is open. For example, trading hours for the U.S. stock market are from 9:30 am to 4 pm (New York time).

How do I set a Trailing Stop Order?

Setting a Trailing Stop Order is exactly the same as a basic Stop Order. Double-click on any open position → Set your Stop Loss. The only difference is that in the case of a trailing stop, your position is already in profits and you are protecting some of your profits in case the market reversed on you.

How do I open a position?

On the MT5 platform, double-click on the instrument you wish to trade from the “Market Watch” window, and then click Buy or Sell.

How do I close a position?

On the MT5 platform, double-click on a trade that is currently open, a pop-up will appear and then click on the “Close Position” yellow button. Also, you have the option to partially close your position and keep the rest open.

How can I get a report of my trades/PnL?

If you want to get a report of your trades, profits and losses, etc.

Login to your FinPros account, click on “Trading Accounts” → “Account Activity”

How can I avoid a Margin Call?

Customers should make sure that they have enough funds in their trading account to maintain their positions.

Can I lose more than I have in my trading account? (Negative Balance)

No, the “Margin Call” feature prevents our clients from losing more than the funds they have in their account.

Are there any restrictions with regards to trading strategies/methods?

There are no restrictions to any trading strategy.

Are there any withdrawal limitations?

Yes, there are. You can view each method’s minimum withdrawal amount on your FinPros’ account dashboard. Login to your FinPros account, click on “My Wallet” → “Withdrawals”.

How long does it take to receive my withdrawal funds?

Typically, a withdrawal request is processed within one business day. This gives us the time we need to complete security checks before initiating payment.

How do I withdraw funds?

Login to your FinPros account, click on “My Wallet” → “Withdrawals” → “Submit Request”.

Does FinPros apply overnight financing?

Overnight financing for positions is when you keep positions open overnight, also referred to as a swap. If you keep positions open past rollover time (22:00 GMT) you will either earn or get charged the swap value. The value of the swap depends on the size of your open position, the instrument you are trading, your account type and the direction of your position. There are different swaps for long positions and short positions on each instrument.

Swaps apply triple on Wednesday, because that’s how the banks supplying liquidity to the financial markets apply them. This has to do with the way spot Forex contracts are settled. Spot Forex transactions have a 2-day settlement period. A spot FX transaction made on a Monday, settles on the following Wednesday. Trades from Tuesday settle on Thursday etc. But trades rolled into Thursday settle on the following Monday as there are no settlements over the weekend when banks are closed. Hence the reason for triple swaps applying to running positions at Wednesday rollover time.

Does FinPros charge a Currency Conversion Fee?

We do not charge currency conversion fees. When you move funds between wallets of different currency denominations, we use the exchange rate of the previous night’s close on our platform.

Does FinPros charge any trading fees?

FinPros offer multiple account types, suitable for a variety of traders and trading styles. Each account type has a unique fee structure. To compare the account types, visit the following page: FinPros Accounts.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees at FinPros. We are fully transparent about our fees.

Why was my deposit unsuccessful?

  • Your account verification process may be incomplete.
  • Your account might have insufficient funds. Check and recharge your balance to make sure you have enough funds to complete the transaction.

Is there a limitation on the amount I can deposit?

There are several deposit limitations on your account, depending on the payment method.

  • Bank transfer: Minimum 200 USD/EUR/GBP – No maximum amount.
  • Cryptocurrency: Minimum 25 USDT – No maximum amount.
  • Credit Card: Not applicable at the moment.

Is using my credit/debit card online safe?

Yes. FinPros is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which encrypts and secures all sensitive information submitted by our customers, such as credit/debit card numbers, passwords, etc.

How do I deposit money?

Login to your FinPros account, click on “My Wallet” and choose your payment method.

How do I deposit money into My Wallet?

First you need to add your Bank details/Credit Card/Crypto Wallet. Our BackOffice Department will approve your payment method so you would be able to deposit money.

Can I deposit using a friend’s payment method?

No. The source of all deposits must originate from a payment method registered in your own name.

Can I deposit using a corporate credit/debit card/account?

If you have a personal account with us, then you can only fund it from your personal accounts or credit/debit cards. On the flipside, if you register a corporate account with us, FinPros will only accept deposits done from a corporate credit/debit card/account in the name of your company.

Can I deposit from a joint bank account?

Yes, you can. You may only be required to provide a bank statement as evidence to confirm that you are one of the account holders.

Is my money at risk in case of Insolvency/Bankruptcy?

In agreement with Seychelles’ Financial Services Authority (‘FSA’) client funds rules, all client funds are securely held in segregated client bank accounts.


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